Tips - Lens

1. How to check my lenses are upside-down?

- Check the edge of the lenses as below.

- Fold it with your fingers and if it is unnaturally folded, it is upside-down.

2. What G.DIA should I choose?

There are differences between people, but average diameter of people’s iris is 11~12mm. Graphic diameter(G.DIA) is developed by considering people’s eye movement and beauty effect that makes their eyes bigger and clear.

So based on the average diameter of iris, 1) G.DIA 12.8mm~13.4mm seems natural 2) G.DIA 13.5mm~14.0mm seems unique 3) G.DIA bigger than 14.0mm seems very unique *Please regard above data as a reference, notice that the best G.DIA for each person is different because it depends on the person’s diameter of iris.

3. Is it ok to buy and use only 1pack, when each of my eye powers is different?

It is very common that people have a different eye power of their eyes would buy lenses as below: 1) Buy lenses with power of their better eye. 2) Buy lenses with median power of their eyes. 3) Buy lenses with power of their worse eye.
People buy as above to save their money, but all those 3 ways will harm your eyes crucially.

Let’s think about it.
For example, if you bought 30pcs(1pack) daily lenses, you could use them for 15days.
But if you bought 60pcs(2packs, for each eye), you could use them for 30days.
So basically, it’s not wasting your money, but it’s same price in length of 30days and also keeps your eyes safe.

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