Posted on 12 August 2016

Sleeveless Hoodie

Get your Sweat On...


Another 4 years have passed and another Olympics has made its way into our daily lives. Man I feel old. The oozing patriotism that goes around is a real spectacle and not to mention the underlying motivation, courage and perseverance that is shown by each and every Olympian is definitely something to admire. Motivation is something that a lot of people struggle (me included). 


Summer is also always a hard season to get motivated and active whether it be work or play. The heat, the festivities, the party people to say the least. But let's not make that get in the way of being on point with our workouts. 

Have you ever noticed yourself walking better or easier with sneakers than flats, heels, or flip-flops or what not? Some outfits then most really add on to our motivation-meters. Outfits like Mossbean's Over Hoody Sleeveless and Over Natural Pants are like the sneakers of our body. Once again our STHSW MD's have chosen a perfect match from our active-wear collection.  





For those who are always on the run and need something comfy and swag this loose fit summer jogger set dose the job. Or if you're more like myself and really not an active person but want to look the look... (at least...) why not! 

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