Posted on 26 July 2016

Pink Panther iPhone 6 Case

Keep calm and Pink on...


Hello! Hello? Hi. Who knows since when, but phones have made an appropriate bond with cases where they've just become another fashion accessory for that cute outfit or look. The bare nakedness of our phone kinda scares us, getting easily bored with one is a given, yet you can't live without them.  

IMVELY's new collaboration with Pink Panther screams cute. As a person that barely wears pink this could be good starting point. Sorry Androids but I guess the iPhone's are going to get first pick of these babes. IMVELY has plainly captured the cute, fun, and cheeky little guy of the Pink Panther allowing us to blend with which of them our character fits most. 

Today's collaboration most certainly makes us look forward to other collaborations to come! so ENJOY.



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