Posted on 07 November 2018

MY FURRY FALL (2021 update)

STHSWEET is predicting a Furry winter!

Fall is the time of the year where tree leaves turn to maple color, and the temperature is getting cooler.
We want to be cozy and warm, but it doesn't mean you have to give up on your fashion style. So layer up and take a tour in our selection of fluffy items to stay warm in style.

This is where, your coat comes in play. In Fall, your jacket becomes your fashion twist. You can upgrade your look with just one piece. One of the Korean Fashion trend for this season is faux fur obviously! Actually, Faux-Fur is one bold choice, but yet the safest bet you will make fashion-wise. You can match it with any piece of clothing from your wardrobe, and wear it confidently in any situation (work meetings, night out or a casual date).

So are you ready to dive in this sea of Korean Style and embrace the Faux-Fur Trend?


There Is Only One Success Furry Cardigan






In My Own Little World Fleece Zip-Up

Usually more common in men fashion, the Faux-Shearling Jacket is moving toward women closets. You just want to be snuggled by it and drown in a cloud of warmness!






Whatever The Reason Furry Cardigan

Wanna look casual and trendy? This faux fur cardigan will turn you into the trendiest one in the venue, everyone will want to talk to you! Perfect for the mid-season as you can leave it easily open. 






Ready to be huddled by coziness and warmth? Check out our Faux-Fur collection for this Fall season on STHSWEET:

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