Posted on 22 July 2016

Must-Have Tie Up Items


We all have some tricks up our sleeves on those instant outfit fixer-upers, and this has got to be the oldest trick in the book. We've been doing it for DECADES! and what I love mostย about it is that I can take the most boring shirt, twist and turn it and ...ย VOILAย your outfits got that little bit of edgeย (without having to break the bank). Whether it be that casual Friday at the office or a date out with your man, the knot doesn't fail. ย 


1. Basic Front Tie Knot -ย Mossbean and Icecream have always made it easy with basic, everyday items and the obviously don'tย disappointย with items that are made to the front tie up look.ย 

Front Tie Oversized Fit Tee -ย USD $16.00ย ICECREAM

Front Tie Summer T-Shirts -ย USD $19.00ย MOSSBEAN



2. Back Tie Knot -ย A back not its something that you don't see very often. Dabagirl and Ozara get creative very well pin pointing the perks of a back wow-factor with a cute tie ups.

Back Tie Topย USD $17.00 DABAGIRL

Back Tie Teeย USD $35.00 OZNARA


3. Long-Sleeve Tie Knot -ย Especially with long-sleeve items they're always give a hint of elegance and class than your every day tee-shirt tie up. (and not to mention hides those sensitive arms of ours)

Dots Mixed Waist Tie Blouseย USD $46.00 DABAGIRL

Corsage Point Stripe Shirtย USD $37.00 OZNARA


4. Tie Knot Dress -ย Taking that knot to a whole other level dresses can also be turned into tie up cuties. Whether it be a wrap dress or a bodycon strap up, the bow knot turns that plain outfit into a confident you.ย 

Stripe Side Ribbon Tie Wrap Dressย USD $42.00 CHUU

Front Tie Shirt Dressย USD $47.00ย DABAGIRL


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