Posted on 09 August 2016

Mom Jeans

Bigger than ever


My moms closet. I remember in a not too distant memory where I would be left with utterly nothing to wear and my natural instinct headed me to none other than ...  my mothers closet. In the midst of looking for lost treasure I would be thinking "why mom, why?" and her often than not response would be, "it'll be back in style."  

Let's take a moment to say sorry to all the moms out there and the moments we doubted their rebuttal of "it'll be back in style". As they say, a mother knows best and this goes without saying that the jean trend of 2016 leaned towards a more casual an loose fit jean fashion where simplicity meets comfort and an effortless element was much wanted. With their somewhat baggy fit the 'mom jean' gives a great low-key style but still upkeeps that style factor.   


Today's STHSW MD pick come from CHUU and Mossbean.  




CHUU shows off their inner urban look with the wide fold including natural hem and what-not. It truly accentuates that casual and effortless look that mom jeans are known best for. 

Mossbean has stuck with their modernistic looks. Simple. Straight and once again no other added details need.   


So thanks mom for keeping all your out-dated clothes. I can imagine myself with my daughter many MANY years later as she says the exact same thing. My daughter may not be as thankful but... fingers crossed! 

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