Posted on 30 August 2016

Khaki Bomber Jacket



This military inspired look has moved far FAR away from its origins and has birthed it own stream of credentials especially this 2016. Think with Google has name it its rising star trend as its growing search interests start from back in 2015 and continues to grow predominately in 2016. With fall just around the corner anyone of us could make an educated guess that the bomber jacket will continue to turn heads and boy, am I EXCITED!


Celebrities have given us a great example today of the multi wearable powers that the bomber possesses. With just your weekend legging and sneakers OR if your looking something that could give you more of a bad ass look on top of your girly dress or heels. DINGDINGDING. The bomber


So the style is versatile, what about the color? Timeless. We've seen the color of khaki work its way with nearly every type of fashion item; bags, pants, tops and has it ever failed us? Nope. Never. Not at all. 




CHUU's Arm Zip Jacket has only a couple more left with its clearance price so get them while you can! PEACE.



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