Posted on 26 August 2016

Graphic Tees

Get Tee-urnt


Okay. Graphic tee's, gah! Do I really need to make a case with this one? There are a lot of reasons why I really don't need to make a case with this one. Aside from the undeniable fact that they are awesome, they possess the powers of dressing up and outfit OR down, really helping a girl out with an extra pop of color if in need be. 

If you're as lucky as I am and get to work with casual gear or a student OR getting dressed for the weekend, Graphic Tee's are always a stylish way to beat the summer heat or let them be a base to a layer on. 





Icecream12 has always been good with a handy dandy over-sized graphic shirt and this one sprinkles on that little bit of cuteness with a little frenchie on the boob. The Puppy Stripe Tee comes to two other pups and if your're a dog owner of these 3 breeds it sure would be a head turner. #toocute


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