Posted on 16 March 2017

Get your Somethin' Sweet now with Shippin' Sweet!

Hey ladies! How do you like the new layout and interface of STHSWEET.COM? Yay or nay?! Did you notice that alongside of changing how we look, we also changed what we offer! 

We've added brand sales and other special sales, but best of all, you can now get the best selling Somethin' Sweet items with free shipping! Yes, you heard us right! FREE SHIPPING!

Get FREE SHIPPING on a selection of items available here.The items eligible for Shippin' Sweet discount are all chosen from among our most popular items, and are only available for a limited time. That means that if you want to go get your Somethin' Sweet with free shipping, you gotta go get it now!

How to get free shipping with Shippin' Sweet?

Add any any item from the collection Shippin' Sweet and use the coupon code SHIPPINGSWEET  when you check out to deduct the shipping fees from your whole order! Check here to see all the items eligible today. 

Have a great time shopping with us! 


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