Posted on 20 October 2016

Fall 2016 Trench Coats



There are so many staple items available to us, or as men would like to say, another reason to buy yet another item of clothing. Well no sir ree. They're called staples for a reason and a trench coat is most defiantly one of them. Fall to me is a very confusing season. Its not too cold but not too hot and there are those days where the morning and nights are unbearably colder than the middle of the day. So to help with this curious season call Fall, trench coats were born (my logic of all things).


On top of beating the fascinating cold, personalize your mood and occasion with how you choose to wear it! The best thing about a trench coat and why it makes it a staple item is its versatility in style and expression. 


1. The basic knot to the back of the coat allows a stylish look that pins the boxier behinds to a hold.



2. Keep it loose and all straps out for free, totally cool look. 



3. Button then bow. Strap up the loose ends for the ultimate sophisticated look. Perfect for as a daily work wear item, keeping it professional and casual at the same time. 



What a talented fellow. Expect to see more styles from our brands this fall on Trench Coats. Peace.  

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