Posted on 14 July 2017

Facebook Success Story : PPBSTUDIOS

Have you yet heard the great news? PPBSTUDIOS, the company behind your beloved STHSWEET, has been picked as one of Facebook Business' success stories! It is an achievement we are definitely celebrating today, and a milestone we hope to have many more to come. You can read the article here, though do note that it is in Korean.

The article offers a brief and detailed introduction of what PPBSTUDIOS is, and then moves onto discussing the influence k-pop has had on the desirability of Korean commerce all over the world. Then, it tells the story of how PPBSTUDIOS' items are loved by the world, especially by the neighboring countries.Β 

Lastly, it talks about the data driven strategy of PPBSTUDIOS. In addition, it mentions our marketing strategy as well as our future ambitions. We are happy to have such an article made of us, and are working hard every day to push our company further and further into the world and into our customers' hearts.Β 

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