Posted on 17 June 2016

estherlovesyou x chuu

We think its safe to say that collaborations in the last year alone have been counting up no doubt, big brand or small. Artists pairing up with brands have definitely made an impact and not the mention that one-of-a-kind vibe, oozing the ultimate social reach.



Esther Kim also well known as the designer of the Estherlovesyou line, has been an exclusive artist that has collaborated with numerous brands, spreading that iconic bunny along the way. Anna Sui, Nylon (Japan, Korea and US), Ellegirl Korea, Isetan, Urban Outfitters, IPKN, Nastygal are just the few that Esther Kim has collaborated with and to see another collaboration that's much closer to the heart brings greater anticipation and bliss on what new products are to come.




As online shopping brand CHUU continues to make a unique name for themselves they reach out in seeking new inspiration to widen their color as lead them to their first ever collaboration. Many may fear the distance that my happen, moving away from their original sexy and chic charm however rest assure, as their collaborating party has kept that in sync.


Here's a taste!




Estherloveschuu Hair Band USD $10.00


Estherloveschuu Bikini USD $48.00

Estherloveschuu Pants USD $35.00


Estherloveschuu Sleeveless USD $19.00

Estherloveschuu Rose Halter USD $20.00

Estherloveschuu Pink Mirror USD $9.00


Yum Yum!

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