Posted on 05 August 2016

Essential Lingerie - Bralette

Linger-Hey! - Underwear Day 

In light of this special day, I thought why not! Happy Underwear Day Somethin' Sweeters. I definitely celebrated this day by wearing the best pair of lingerie I own. What kind you ask? Well that's no fun if you just go straight up and ask. I think many of us can agree that we've plowed through many different pairs of underwear in our life-time to know what we like and don't like. We draw accustom to certain types of fits over the years but what does change is the range that most girls consider a MUST. Forget about your favorites for now, let's think about the essential for this season.


Bralettes have undoubtedly made a statement this year especially, where its become more so a fashion item than a under item. Showing that little bit of lace and under garment never was so sexy and chic. 



Here's a pick by our MD's on the most anticipated lingerie sell of the year. Click to check it out! 

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