Posted on 19 July 2016

Comfort Wear

Oversized style guide


When I think of comfortable clothes I think oversized, loose-fit, boxy, or just plain track suits. And being tall girl I sometimes like escape to these styles to feel a bit smaller than I usually am. Luckily 2016 has definitely shown a lot of oversized looks here and there making it kinda of a thing! An oversized item could put you on a slippery slope towards an unflattering look, which I also kinda get, but no curves doesn't necessarily mean no appeal.  


Killing 2 birds with one stone I can look both fashionable AND feel petite. So I'm here to help you avoid looking like a bag lady and show you how to dress like a real lady.  


1. Track Suits 



2. Sweatshirts 



3. T-shirts 



4. Denim Jacket 



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