Posted on 10 April 2017

Best Spots In Seoul For Cherry Blossom Sightseeing

Every year around early April, Seoul brightens up with the blooming season of the gorgeous cherry blossom trees. They only last for two weeks or so, but during this time the city is at its most beautiful. This year the full bloom was on April 6th, so there's still almost one entire week left to go see them.Β 

For those of you who were planning on visiting Seoul, how about next spring? You'll surely love the weather and, most of all, the blossoms! Here are the top spots in Seoul where you can go spend a lovely morning or afternoon under the cherry blossoms in:



Seokchon Lake

Jamsil Station, Exit 2 or 3

Every year for the cherry blossom season, all the trees surrounding the lake are in full bloom. It is a beautiful, albeit a crowded, walk around the lake if you go.



Yangchae Stream

Yangchae Citizen's Forest Station, Exit 5

By the strip of the stream, towards the outskirts of Seoul, you can see a line of beautiful cherry blossom trees. While not as magnificent as some other spots, you can expect your walk here to be more peaceful.



Yeouido Han River Park

Yeouinaru Station, Exit or 3

This spot on the Western side of Seoul is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, spot in all of Seoul for cherry blossom sightseeing. It's great to go with a group of your friends and spend the day by the river having a picnic.



Seoul Forest

Seoul Forest Station, Exit 3 or 4

A great spot for a picnic or a day of walking around in nature, with some cherry blossom sightseeing done on the side. If you come by early enough, you might get yourself a picnic spot right under a cherry blossom tree!



Children's Grand Park

Children's Grand Park Station, Exit 1

At this park you'll not only find tons of beautiful cherry blossoms, but there's also a zoo and other outdoor activities available. It's a great spot especially for families.

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