Posted on 27 January 2016

Layering Up During Transitional Months

Just weeks ago we were talking about how warm this winter has been. And suddenly an intense cold wave and blizzard catch us unawares. This cold snap is expected to come and go for a month or so before we gradually and unknowingly slip into Spring.

The best way to keep warm but not too warm in these months is through the art and science of layering. Below we introduce 4 combinations of clothing for styling the perfect layered outfits.

Summer Dresses

Sheer and lace dresses that might seem suitable only under the scorching heat of summer
are finding their way into winter and spring wardrobes.
Put on an oversized bulky sweater over a flowy knee-length dress to highlight your femininity.

Camis Over Everything

Get those cami tops out of your summer drawers.
Put it on over a turtleneck or a blouse to add extra style to your outfit.

Button Up Casually

Look more dressed up in your sweater by wearing a blouse underneath,
preferably one with ruffled or wide sleeves or a ribbon around the neck.

Turtleneck Action

A fitted turtleneck is possibly the most versatile winter garment you can own.
Wear it by itself, under a dress or a sweatshirt, or in this case, a button-down shirt,
to make your winter office look a little more fun and warm.

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