Posted on 08 September 2015

Fall 2015 Trend II: Fall In Love With Suede

Even if you don’t know much about fashion, you must have laid your eyes 
on at least one piece of clothing reflecting the hottest and most obvious trend of fall 2015: SUEDE.

This material was prevalent even in the scorching summer fashion scenes, and now that its perfect pair has arrived in the name of autumn, suede has found the place to shine on the streets and storefronts alike.

And no, this time, suede isn’t just about boots or bags or floppy hats; this fall and winter, suede’s daring transformation into shift dresses, trench coats, blouses and more, will have our minds blown away all the way back into the 1970s.

It would be an understatement to say suede is more than just a type of fabric. Its rich colors and luxurious texture probably offers the best solution to staying effortlessly classy and comfortable without looking like a half-hearted fashionista.

The softness of this material and the flowiness with which it drapes around your body add to its sophisticated-ness and glamour. Although many suede pieces usually come in straight line silhouettes and rather bland details, these shapeless ease and dullness somewhat accentuate the true charm of suede.

Depending on what you layer or style it with, suede can be worn in so many various occasions. Wear a midi-length suede skirt with a silky blouse to work, a pair of fringe suede shorts with a sweater or a t-shirt to school, or a button-front fitted suede dress to a date. A mini patchwork suede skirt and fringe suede shoulder bags or totes are some of other trendiest suede pieces this season, so make sure to give these a try also.

For when it gets colder, a suede jacket is always a go, not to mention a pair of suede boots. But for now, a floral maxi dress with a suede floppy hat will do.

This fall and winter season is really all about making a statement in a bohemian kind of way, and suede is possibly the least pretentious and most effective way to appear so without looking like you tried too hard.

Below are some of Somethin' Sweet's suggestions for a chic suede look this fall.



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