Posted on 03 May 2016

Descendants of the Sun Inspired

Did you see that episode where she was wearing that really cute dress? With those heels too? We know ladies, we know.  

Whether it be for life, love or beauty we all have our unique inspirations. What we see, feel and hear are also contributions to how and what we choose to say, move and dress. So what have you seen? What have you felt? What have you heard that have changed your words, actions and appearance?


We connect with our visual senses this time round to show you outfits inspired from a drama a bit more closer to home but loved by where-ever. 


A classic feminine look that you can't hate. 


FIONA Button Front Stripe Simple Dress ( USD $38.00 )


IMVELY Empire Cut Shirt Dress ( USD $62.00 )


MOSSBEAN Descendants Of The Sun Dress ( USD $58.00 )


MOSSBEAN Suede Heeled Slippers ( USD $52.00 )


DABAGIRL Honey Color Chunky Heeled Sandals ( USD $60.00 )


IMVELY Silver Stud Earrings ( USD $30.00 )


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