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Finding The Perfect Jeans For Your Body Type |


Although it still gets a little warm during the day, summer is now long gone, and ‘tis the season to get out your long pants once again.

And while on some days we divert our attention to leggings, jeggings, slacks, leather pants and the likes, we will always, truly, completely (to borrow a quote from the movie Love, Rosie) love a good pair of jeans and will continue to search for that perfect wash and fit.

If you are having trouble finding the pair that flatters your body, you've come to the right place! Here's our guideline on what to look for when buying jeans that perfectly suit your body.

Long Waist: If you have a long torso, the best types of jeans for you are high-waist. Also remember that tapered, bootcuts or flared jeans will make your legs appear shorter, and relaxed fit/boyfriend jeans will make your waist line appear lower, so opt for jeans that are on the skinnier side.

Pear Shape
: For girls with pear-shaped bodies with more volume on the lower half, stay away from flared or bootcut jeans as they will make your body look even more disproportionate. Relaxed fit or boyfriend jeans will help hide the disproportion. Usually the pair that fits your hips will be too big on your waist, but high-waist jeans will provide the perfect solution.

Flat Butts
: Pockets, pockets, pockets. Definitely avoid skinny jeans with not much detail on the back. Boyfriend/relaxed fit jeans with pockets and stitch details will be your best friend, as they will create the illusion of a fuller bottom.

Apple Shape
: Low-rise jeans won't be enough to hold in your tummy, and high-rise jeans will exaggerate the problem, so mid-rise jeans with a wider waist-band and a bit of stretch are the perfect pair for muffin-top body types as they will provide a shapewear-sort-of effect.

Boy/Athletic Figure
: If your body is more lean and boy-like, go for a pair of mid-rise bootcut or flared jeans to create a curvier silhouette. Tapered jeans will make your body look more straight up and down.

: If you have a petite frame, ankle length skinny jeans will help elongate your legs. Avoid bootcuts or flared jeans as they will make your legs look shorter. High-waist jeans are better than low-rise pairs.



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