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Denim On #1 - Back Embroidered Oversized Fit Denim Jacket



Remember when I told you that we had loads of fun and exciting things installed for you guys. Well I did, and now it time to deliver! It's something we've never done before and hope to do more of in the future. This month long daily account of our favorite denim items hope to dispose of that everyday what to wear question. 

So buckle in for our 24 day denim ride.









4 pocket


silver button up

front & back embroidery 


Mossbean - Back Embroidered Oversized Fit Denim Jacket


The first item of the Denim On Collection is Mossbean's Back Embroidered Oversized Fit Denim Jacket. With print detail on its back and front chest it prevents being your typical over-sized denim jacket. Side pockets help those hands be less bored and even be a bit cheeky, who knows. 



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